Very Nice – G&A Institute Article Among Top 5 Views in 2013 on Ethical Corp Platform

Posted on January 14, 2014 by Hank Boerner – Chair & Chief Strategist

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by Hank Boerner – Chairman, G&A Institute
Ethical Corp magazine is a well-read, very well-known publication focused on accountability, ethics, strategy, business intelligence, stakeholder engagement, corporate responsibility, and sustainability, among many topics of interest to investors, NGOs, corporate managers, and public sector managers.
Looking at the most read articles of 2013 on the platform colleague Liam Dowd advised us from London that our article — in the Top 5 CR Reporting and Communication category downloads — was ranked at #2.  The title was: “Why [Sustainability] Reporting Does Matter.” The analysis remains popular reading; in recent weeks we’ve had 1,000 and more downloads.
You can see the report highlights at (see research menu link) or use this direct link –
The report is free with our compliments.
The Ethical Corp article (published in January 2013) is a detailed explanation of the analysis the G&A Institute team conducted of S&P 500 Index and Fortune 500 companies and their sustainability reporting activities in 2012. (Key finding:  the majority of both universes of companies now reports.)  The opening line: New research shows how companies reporting on sustainability outperform their peers
We invite you to read the article here:
Our team is pleased to learn of these results.  And of course a shout out — thank you! — to the editors for publishing the article.
Other top ranked articles in the category for 2013 – “How to Shout About Sustainability Effectively” (at #1); “Sustainability Reporting – the Dog That Didn’t Bark”; “Full Product Transparency is the Future of Reporting”; Sustainability and Communications, Now and Soon.”
Our thanks to the editors of Ethical Corp, and to Liam Dowd, marketing manager at Ethical Corp and Useful Social Media for passing along the info.
More information about the publication is at:

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