UNCW and G&A Institute Announce The Certificate & Certification in “Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Strategies” Online E-Learning Course Offering Dual Credentials

Posted on July 13, 2017 by Louis Coppola

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New York, NY/Wilmington, NC – July 10, 2017 – To meet the needs of professionals seeking knowledge about the dramatically-expanding fields of Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Sustainability, Corporate Citizenship, Sustainable Investing and related subject matters, Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc. has partnered with the Swain Center for Executive Education at the University of North Carolina Wilmington to offer an online, self-paced learning course for individuals.

Dual Credentials = Dual Advantage for Participants
To maximize the value for participants, those completing the course requirements successfully will receive not just one, but two credentials. In this one of a kind course, students will receive a certification from G&A Institute (a well-known research, consultant, and educator in this space) and a certificate from the Swain Center for Executive Education at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (ranked as one of the best universities in the country by US News & World Report).
The “Certification in Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Strategies” (or CCRSS) focuses on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) expectations that are evolving very quickly in the corporate sector, compelling companies to develop new capabilities to address the needs for sustainability and social accountability. Firms large and small are adopting policies, strategies, programs and best practices to lead the way for their enterprise to excel in a low-carbon global economy.
Specific Learning Outcomes 
1. Make a business case for incorporating sustainability in strategic decision making
2. Assess climate-change induced risks & opportunities for firms
3. Conduct Sustainability Risk Assessments
4. Perform Sustainability Audit Assessments
5. Describe the process of Sustainability Investment decision-making
6. Evaluate various Sustainability Reporting frameworks
7. Prepare basic Global Sustainability/Corporate Responsibility Reports
8. Develop sustainability strategies for enhancing environmental and economic performance
9. Describe approaches for valuation of ecosystem services
10. Develop strategies for leveraging Biodiversity for competitive advantage
The broad objective of the Certification program is to equip participants with cutting-edge sustainability skills that firms need to thrive in a global sustainable Economy. The dual-certification program will explore how firms can leverage sustainability strategies to not only enhance their environmental performance but also their economic performance.
The Certification consists of 12 sessions that are delivered asynchronously and will require around 30 hours to complete within 3 months from the date of enrollment.
Broad Topics Covered 
1. Corporate Responsibility Overview
2. Making a Business Case for Investing in Corporate Responsibility/Sustainability
3. Corporate Responsibility & Global Climate Change Issues
4. Corporate Responsibility Strategies for Mitigating Climate Change
5. Corporate Responsibility for Biodiversity & Water Management
6. Corporate Responsibility for Valuation of Ecosystem Services
7. Sustainability Risk Assessment Strategy
8. Sustainability Investment Decision Making Strategies
9. Green Firm-Specific Advantages for Driving Sustainable Competitive Advantage
10. Assessing Organizational Sustainability/Audit
11. Environmental Compliance Strategies
12. Global Sustainability Reporting Frameworks (GRI, OECD, UNGC, CDP, etc.)
Limited Introductory Discount 
The course’s normal price of $895 has been discounted by $100 to $795 for a limited special introductory price. There is also a free sample session video available at the top right of the page also.
Register For The Certification in Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Strategies:
Founded in 2006, G&A Institute is a sustainability consulting firm headquartered in New York City, advising corporations in executing winning strategies that maximize return on investment at every step of their sustainability journey. The G&A consulting team helps corporate and investment community clients recognize, understand and address material sustainability issues to address stakeholder and shareholder concerns. G&A Institute is the exclusive Data Partner for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in the USA, UK and Republic of Ireland.
G&A’s sustainability-focused consulting and advisory services fall into three main buckets: Sustainability/ESG Consulting; Communications and Recognitions, and Investor Relations. The resources available within each bucket include strategy-setting; sustainability/CSR reporting assistance; materiality assessments; stakeholder engagement; ESG benchmarking; enhancing investor relations ESG programs; investor engagement; investor ESG data review; sustainability communications; manager coaching; team building; training; advice on third party awards, recognitions, and index inclusions; ESG issues monitoring and customized research.
The Swain Center at UNCW enhances the effectiveness of organizations through economic services, and executive and professional education. The Center’s activities benefit the Cameron School of Business through industry-university connections for faculty members and the institution.
UNCW’s values of excellence, integrity, diversity, innovation, and community engagement provide the foundation and philosophy out of which flow the aspirations for the Swain Center. The Swain Center provides the industry-university linkage to connect experts with business needs. Our programs reflect the strength of our faculty members in five areas: accounting, finance & economics, marketing, managing & leading, and operations & logistics. Most of our programs are facilitated by UNCW faculty members but we also draw on talented adjunct faculty members and local experts who have advanced degrees and industry experience.
G&A Institute’s eLearning Platform is built on open source software tools – primarily Open edX, which was created by founding partners Harvard Business School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The G&A Institute team have customized the platform, with many user-friendly tools and resources to enhance the learning experience.
G&A created the platform to help those seeking career opportunities in both corporate and investor focus areas of ESG, sustainability, responsibility and citizenship. The courseware is designed to help individuals obtain the knowledge needed to begin a career in the fields, and for existing practitioners and organizations to expand their knowledge base.
Additional courseware is in development by G&A Institute and other partnering organizations.
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