Top 10 GRI Sustainability Aspects for the Tobacco Sector

Posted on December 8, 2014 by Louis Coppola

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Sustainability – What Matters in the Tobacco Sector? 
31-tobaccoRecent research conducted by the Governance & Accountability Institute attempts to answer important questions for company managements in the Tobacco Sector, by examining the disclosure practices of 5 global peer organizations publishing GRI reports in the sector.
The top 10 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) aspects that were determined to be material by the managements of reporting organizations in the Tobacco Sector are:

  1. Marketing Communications
  2. Water
  3. Materials
  4. Child Labor
  5. Overall (Environmental)
  6. Anti-Competitive Behavior
  7. Corruption
  8. Product and Service Labeling
  9. Customer Privacy
  10. Public Policy

Results:  The complimentary report examining 35 sectors including top 10 GRI aspects, and top/bottom 10 GRI performance indicators can be downloaded here:
The full rankings for all 84 GRI performance indicators and all 37 GRI Aspects for each of the 35 sectors examined are available for purchase at:
Organizations included in the Tobacco Sector study are:
British American Tobacco (Holdings), British American Tobacco Korea, Imperial Tobacco, KT&G, Swedish Match
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G&A Institute is a New York-based, private sector company providing sustainability-focused services and resources to corporate and investment community clients, including: Issue Counseling & Sustainability Strategies; Sustainability Reporting; Materiality Assessments; Stakeholder Engagement; Benchmarking; Investor Relations; Communications; Coaching, Team Building & Training;  Issues Monitoring & Customized Research; Third Party Recognitions.  G&A is the exclusive Data Partner for the GRI in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.
On the G&A Institute web site there is additional information available on the Fact Sheet: What Matters Project (  The resulting “most important” to “least important” ranking for the 35 sectors is available to media on a case-by-case basis please contact:  Peter Hamilton (

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