“Purpose” – It is Central to Business Success Says a Sustainable Brands Thinker As He Explores the Sustainability/CR Intersection

Posted on April 28, 2016 by Hank Boerner – Chair & Chief Strategist

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What may sound at first glance to be “touchy-feely” management advice turns out to be solid guidance to corporate executives and managers strategizing about “bullet-proofing” their companies and brands for the immediate and the long-term.  Dimitar Vhalov, the Director of Content for Sustainable Brands, explains in our Top Story the importance of “purpose” for companies as the enterprise is made more resilient and focused as part of “future-proofing,” especially for brand marketers.
There are seven trends to watch in 2016 at the “intersection” of sustainability and purpose, he explains.  These include “next level leadership frameworks” to provide an integrated, interdisciplinary innovation mindset that will help executives put systems-driven processes in place to set the right goals and take concrete actions to achieve the goals.  These include “Evonomics” and “The Embedding Project” and “Vaultus.”  Are these new to you?  Read more in the story link below to learn what they mean – and the importance of “purpose” in the context of sustainability and corporate responsibility.
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7 Trends at the Intersection of Sustainability and Purpose to Watch This Year
(Tuesday – April 19, 2016)
Source: Sustainable Brands – There is widespread consensus in the global Sustainable Brands community that purpose is trending in the business world, especially among brands that are looking beyond the next quarter and trying to figure out how to thrive in…