Meet Judy Young

Posted on May 11, 2017 by Hank Boerner – Chair & Chief Strategist

Joining Outstanding Faculty for Spring CSR Certificate Course
At Rutgers University – May 16th and 17th at Business School
On May 16th and 17th, the Rutgers Institute for Ethical Leadership and Governance & Accountability Institute present the Spring 2017 CSR Certificate Program for corporate managers, not-for-profit and foundation managers, and others interested in career opportunities and advancement in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”), Corporate Citizenship, Corporate Sustainability, Philanthropy, Risk Management, Ethics, and related positions.
An outstanding faculty of professionals from leading CSR and sustainable investment organizations will lead the interactive discussions which are a feature of the course.  For information about the course and to register, visit: 
Meet one of your hosts and course leaders:
Judy Young
Executive Director, Rutgers Business School, Institute for Ethical Leadership
Topic:  “Ethical Leadership”

A conversation with Judy:
Q:  How is your day-to-day work related to the CSR Certificate Program?
 We do discuss ethical leadership and CSR and the importance of an ethical leader, culture as part of and implications to CSR.
Q:  What can attendees expect to learn from your session?
[JY]  Ethical Leadership:  What is Ethical Leadership, Why focus on Ethical Leadership, Explore Organizational Culture and the implications to CSR, CSR Ethical Dilemmas and our Institute for Ethical Leadership process for Ethical Decision Making.
Q:  What advice do you have or opportunity that you see for attendees who complete the CSR Certificate Program?
[JY]  This program will enable participants to be a CSR asset to their current organization or future organization.
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Career Background:  Judy Young – Executive Director, at Rutgers University – Business School
Judy Young is an experienced business leader focus on key topics of importance to many in the business world, academia, and the investing community:  Ethical Leadership; Talent Management; Learning & Development; Organizational Effectiveness; Change Management; Leadership Development; and Team Effectiveness.
She is the Executive Director at the Rutgers Institute for Ethical Leadership, and has been at Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey since 2009.  Prior, she was Director of Organizational Development at Bristol-Myers Squibb, the global pharmaceutical company; and, Director of Human Resources at Johnson & Johnson, with a decade of service at Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems, Ethicon and Corporate Consulting Group.
Judy Young holds the M.A. and M.B.A. degrees, Corporate Communications, from Seton Hall University.
The course is hosted at Rutgers University Business School in Newark, New Jersey (easily reached by train from Newark’s Penn Station from New York City, Philadelphia and parts of New Jersey, and convenient to Newark International Airport).
For information about the course and to register, visit: