Meet Jeana Wirtenberg, PhD

Posted on May 5, 2017 by Hank Boerner – Chair & Chief Strategist

Joining Outstanding Faculty for Spring CSR Certificate Course
 May 16th and 17th at Rutgers University Business School
On May 16th and 17th, the Rutgers Institute for Ethical Leadership and Governance & Accountability Institute present the Spring 2017 CSR Certificate Program for corporate managers, not-for-profit and foundation managers, and others interested in career opportunities and advancement in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”), Corporate Citizenship, Corporate Sustainability, Philanthropy, Risk Management, Ethics, and related positions.
An outstanding faculty of professionals from leading CSR and sustainable investment organizations will lead the interactive discussions which are a feature of the course.  For information about the course and to register, visit: 
Meet one of your course leaders:
Jeana Wirtenberg, PhD
Associate Professor of Professional Practice at Rutgers Business School; & CEO, Transitioning to Green
Topic:  “CSR As A Career”

A conversation with Dr. Jeana:
Q:  How is your day-to-day work related to the CSR Certificate Program?
(JW)  I have been deeply engaged in supporting the evolution toward more just, socially responsible and sustainable organizations for more than a decade. My focus is on the human side of sustainability, with particular emphasis on how human resources and organization development can play a much larger role. For example, we emphasize the critical role that leaders and managers play in engaging employees in CSR and Sustainability initiatives.
Starting in 2009, we have also been focused on supporting people who want to transition into careers in CSR and sustainability. I do all this through my teaching (both MBAs and undergrads in Rutgers Business School) and through my consulting, training, speaking, and writing.
Examples are the flagship program offered by my consulting firm Transitioning to Green called  LeaderShip for Sustainability, and our Green Careers Certificate Program offered through our Transitioning to Green Foundation. My books The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook (second edition forthcoming), and Building a Culture for Sustainability published in 2014 provide a plethora of cases and tools to help people in every sector and function find their way to be a part of this seismic and exciting change toward a better future for us all.
Q:  What can attendees expect to learn from your session?
(JW)  My session focuses on “CSR as a Career.” Attendees will explore current and emerging career opportunities and apply their learning to their own careers. In the context of core sustainability concepts and the Sustainable Development Goals, we map to green, sustainable career paths in CSR. We will look at opportunities and illustrative employers in the profit and nonprofit sectors.
I will present the current State of the Profession, including relevant statistics on getting the job: how job seekers actually find these opportunities; percentages hired from outside by title; qualifications; differences related to gender, race, education, age, experience; current salaries by position; and evolving requirements. I will provide a handout of dozens of websites with job listings and relevant career resources.
Q:  What advice do you have or opportunity that you see for attendees who complete the CSR Certificate Program?
  The program provides a rich learning and networking opportunity. My advice is to soak up the information, network with everyone you can to build relationships, and be open to seeing things through new lenses, awakening to new opportunities, and be fully present. Put away your phone and enjoy!
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Career Background:  Jeana Wirtenberg, PhD
Jeana Wirtenberg is Associate Professor of Professional Practice in Rutgers Business School, and CEO of Transitioning to Green (, a training and consulting firm that helps companies and organizations make sustainability a mainstream, routine business practice. She is an expert on the leadership, organizational dynamics, and psychology required to make that happen.
Her book, Building a Culture for Sustainability: People, Planet and Profits in a New Green Economy (Praeger, 2014) shows how to holistically integrate sustainability throughout the culture of organizations. Jeana is lead editor for The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook: When It All Comes Together, first and second edition (Greenleaf Publishing, 2008, 2017).
Jeana was HR Director at PSEG where she led a variety of initiatives to transform the firm and build organizational capacity. Prior, she held several leadership positions in AT&T Human Resources and Marketing. She received her Master’s degree and Ph.D. with honors in Psychology from UCLA.
The course is hosted at Rutgers University Business School in Newark, New Jersey (easily reached by train from Newark’s Penn Station from New York City, Philadelphia and parts of New Jersey, and convenient to Newark International Airport).
For information about the course and to register, visit: