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Posted on May 30, 2017 by Hank Boerner – Chair & Chief Strategist

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Presenting at Introduction to ESG, Sustainable & Impact Investment OneDay Training
The How & Why of Applying ESG to Corporate Valuations
Hosted by Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College/CUNY on June 15th
Introduction:  For professionals in the capital markets, and in the corporate sector, G&A Institute and Global Change Associates are teamed to present a one-day professional training program, hosted by Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College/CUNY, in midtown Manhattan.  This is an excellent introduction to the application of ESG factors to investment making decisions and corporate valuations.  Find out more at
ESG = the corporate environmental, social or societal and corporate governance factors to be evaluated by the financial analyst, asset owner, asset manager, and others in the capital markets in looking beyond the financial in selecting public companies for “buy/sell/hold” portfolio management decisions. (This is also referred to as “sustainable investing,” “impact investing,” and similar titles by practitioners.)
The outstanding faculty presenting during the one-day course will include experts in ESG / sustainable / impact investing, covering topics such as best practices; data sources; analytical tools; research resources; methodologies; why ESG matters; and realized outcomes using these approaches to analysis and investment management.
Gaurav Trivedi
Senior Associate, ESG Research, MSCI
TOPIC: ESG Analysis, Rating & Research

A conversation with Gaurav:
Q:  How is your day-to-day work related to the Intro to ESG, Sustainable & Impact Investment Certificate Program to be presented at Baruch?
[GT]  I am an analyst on the MSCI ESG Research team here at MSCI, focusing on developing new products and methodologies using environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. My work involves understanding the emerging key ESG trends and issues that may be financially relevant to a company or industry, and determining suitable tools, metrics and frameworks to help institutional investors access that information.
Prior to my current role, I covered the automobile sector, providing ESG ratings by researching and analyzing relevant ESG issues at the company level.
Q:  What can attendees expect to learn from your session?
[GT]  My session as part of the G&A ESG Investment Certificate Program will provide an overview of MSCI ESG Research products with a deeper dive into our MSCI ESG Ratings model. I will also highlight some recent trends in the industry, as well as the challenges and opportunities presented by evaluating companies through different ESG approaches (such as values, integration, impact).
Q:  What advice do you have or opportunity that you see for attendees who complete the Certificate Program?
[GT]  I have one piece of advice that is also something we say often at MSCI ESG Research: “The world is changing. With it, the world of investing is changing.”
In the last decade, the sophistication and availability of ESG data has increased and with it there is a growing movement among mainstream institutional investors from only values-based screening to also a focus on integrating ESG considerations into their investment decisions.
With growing interest among corporates and investors to understand the impact of relevant ESG issues on company operations, it is becoming imperative for investment professionals to be aware and informed of ESG evaluation approaches beyond traditional investment research. As a result, there is a great opportunity for those who’ve completed today’s course to take this knowledge and to start to consider ESG factors in the investment process.  
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Gaurav is a Senior Associate at MSCI specializing in enhancing existing and developing new methodologies and products across MSCI’s suite of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) research offerings. He has been involved in various projects ranging from developing carbon estimation methodology to tools for portfolio analysis on ESG factors. Prior to his current role, he has rated automobile sector companies on ESG issues.
Prior to MSCI, Gaurav worked with KPMG in their Risk Consulting Services Team focused on providing market and sector analysis to infrastructure sector clients.
Gaurav holds a MBA degree in Finance from ICFAI University and a B.E. in Electronics and Communications from North Gujarat University, India.
For more information about the course and how to register, visit:

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