It’s Time to Pay it Forward

Posted on April 11, 2020 by Hank Boerner – Chair & Chief Strategist


Guest post by Larry Checco – Sharing Perspectives
Would my wife and I like to have the federal government drop $2,400 in our laps? Sure, who wouldn’t.
Would we miss a meal or a mortgage payment if it didn’t happen? No.
But many of our fellow Americans will.
So, we’ve decided, after making sure that we and our grown kids would remain financially sound during this crisis, that we would donate our windfall to the common good—namely to those who need it far more than we.
Then we got to thinking: What if we could convince those who are in the same financial position as we are to do the same? Think of the difference it would make!
What if we created a “giving circle” where just 10 others joined us? That’s $24,000!
Then we could identify families, friends or neighbors who need help paying their rent or mortgage. Or buying food. Or, a small business in need of a bridge loan. Or a local health care clinic in need of medical supplies. Or nurses and doctors in need of childcare while they go about the heroic business of saving others.
Use your imagination!
If 100 people did the same, we’re talking $240,000. Real money.
What if this could turn into a grassroots nationwide movement. WOW!
It’s estimated that before the coronavirus rocked the stock market there were nearly 15 million millionaires in the United States. Many of these people won’t qualify for the government’s $2,400 largesse because they earn too much. Many already give generously.
But imagine if, along with the rest of us, they all kicked in an extra $2,400.
Let’s do the math!
My wife and I are not wealthy people. We have what we have because we always lived slightly below our means. Now it’s time to give slightly above our means.
The needs are great. More than 16 million Americans have already lost their jobs. Economists tell us many million more job losses are yet to come.
It’s obvious the government can’t do it on its own. It’s up to We the People, to determine what kind of country we want to live in.
What we’re proposing is not a bailout for large banks and corporations, or for the government, for that matter. Regardless of how good or bad you believe the government has handled this crisis, we’re talking about something else entirely.
We’re talking about people helping people directly—no middleman needed.
Helping people who, through no fault of their own, have lost jobs, their health, or even a loved one, and are going through extraordinary tough times.
If you’re part of the business community—especially a large corporation—it’s to your advantage to help ensure that most of us get through this crisis, not only physically healthy, but financially sound.
Companies need to do their part, as well—from extending additional benefits to your employees, including health care, cash bonuses or advances, as well as temporarily lowering your prices on essential goods and services, or providing in-kind-donations to local nonprofits.
Whatever it takes.
If in fact 70 percent of our economy is consumer-driven, then when we finally exit this dark tunnel, consumers are going to need the confidence and resources to jumpstart the economy and help it snap back.
By all of us helping each other get through this crisis, it might just do the trick—and save us ALL a great deal of lingering economic pain in the long run.
It might also help bring us together as a nation, help heal our glaring and disabling political divide and make us proud to call ourselves Americans.
It will encourage us to feel good about ourselves as we wrestle with the isolation and the feelings of hopelessness and despair many of us are currently experiencing. It would be a way to reach out to others.
We’re the wealthiest nation ever. If not us, who? It not now, when?
Let’s think about it when that government check gets deposited in our mailbox or bank account.
Let’s don’t talk about wanting to make a difference. We can MAKE the difference!
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