Brief Notes for Your Favorite Investor Relations Officer To Help Move the Needle on Sustainability at The Board Level in 2016

Posted on December 18, 2015 by Hank Boerner – Chair & Chief Strategist

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If you are a corporate investor relations officer, you’ll want to read this week’s top story.  If you are a manager looking for information to take over to the IR office in your company, this is good for helping to “build the investment case.”  IR magazine, an authoritative voice for the investor relations professional, puts the recent Ceres report in focus.
Ceres, an important NGO, recently released a brief summary that calls attention to important topics for the board room and C-suite – climate change, pollution, diversity, workers’ rights,  governance issues – and the board room general lack of oversight of these important issues.  What is the board room missing out on?  What should the IR professional tune in to regarding corporate sustainability?
The IR Magazine article by Adam Brown is a good conversation starter for the sustainability manager and the IR manager.  Conclusions reached include tying executive compensation to sustainability advances and urging the board to pay more attention to “the extraordinary challenges of global climate change” and more.  It’s a good quick read for the IR officer.
From all of us at G&A Institute to our valued clients, friends and colleagues:  A most joyful holiday season and our best wishes for the 2016 New Year.  The promise of the New Year is shaping up to be a most momentous period for corporate sustainability and responsibility, and for sustainable investing practices.  We stand ready to assist your company to become a sustainability leader in 2016 (please contact us to schedule an introductory call in Q1!), and we’ll continue to bring you the news, research & highlights of actions that advance the sustainability agenda in the new year!  See you in January.
Ceres report recommends boards focus on sustainability
(Friday – December 11, 2015)
Source: IR Magazine – Boards of directors should focus on sustainability issues that significantly affect revenue, promote board diversity and establish stronger ties between executive compensation and sustainability to prepare for the ‘extraordinary…