Posted on January 15, 2016 by Hank Boerner – Chair & Chief Strategist

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What’s on your list of the top stories of the year just behind us – 2015?  Our Top Story this week is a look back at the Top 10 Business Stories of 2015 by Andrew Winston.  You may know him as the author of “Good to Gold,” a business bestseller.  His commentary was published in Harvard Business Online, and republished by Sustainable Brands in its “The Next Economy” series.  We present it here for your reading.
Andrew Winston’s list is a recap of big business stories – like the VW diesel engine emissions scandal – that also reflect the big news for those of us working in the sustainability field.  Climate change, Pope Francis’s encyclical, news about large companies’ sustainability journeys (old and new economy firms like Apple, Google, Dow, Amazon, GM, Owens Corning), the UN Sustainable Development Goals, renewable energy, Wall Street embrace of sustainable investment, consumer interest in sustainable products…and more.
There are interesting perspectives offered about the events of January-December 2015 and what they mean to us as we enter the new year.  Author Winston says “This year will go down as the time we began, in earnest, to make some important and deep changes in ‘business as usual’.”
We second the motion.  Here at G&A Institute we’re having great conversations with folks in the corporate community and in the capital markets.  The managers involved in sustainability activities are passionate about their work – it’s a calling – and encouraged by the move away from “business as usual” and on to new things, many with “sustainability” and “responsibility” branded over all them.  We’d like to hear from you – what do you think about the events we’ll see in 2016?
10 Sustainable Business Stories That Shaped 2015 … and Some Questions for 2016
(Tuesday – January 05, 2016)
Source: Sustainable Brands – 2015 was a pivotal time when humanity turned more decisively toward building a thriving and sustainable world. On our largest shared challenge, climate change, most of the major hurdles to action — both imagined and real —