As Part of Trust Across America’s “North American Trust Awards” – the new “Hank Boerner Accountability Award” Goes to Intel

Posted on May 15, 2015 by Hank Boerner – Chair & Chief Strategist

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The Trust Across America (TAA) / Trust Around the World organization, headed by Barbara Kimmel, has featured a unique recognition program for the past five years.  The organization was founded in the wake of the stock market crisis of 2008-2009, to explore and advance important concepts on “trust” in the life of institutions and individuals.
TAA has assembled expert panels to identify and recognize the prominent voices in trust matters in 2010, and in the years since.  In 2015, of the 500 men and women recognized over the five years, 15 were on the list each year and so were named “Top Thought Leaders in Trust.”   In their honor, the 15 had special awards created and named for them.
G&A Institute is proud that our chairman, Hank Boerner, has been on the list of trust thought leaders every year since 2010 and this year had a special award named in his honor.  That means he got to nominate an outstanding public company for the “North American Trust Awards – Hank Boerner Accountability Award.”  Intel was added to “America’s Most Trustworthy Public Companies” for 2015.  His choice: Intel Corporation, a company that he believes has been a leader in corporate accountability, responsibility and sustainability for many years.
You can read more in the story linked below.  Also, check the link to the TAA organization to learn more about their great work.
Intel Corporation Named To TAA’s Most Trustworthy Companies, and Receives Special Award: Hank Boerner Accountability Award
(Monday – May 04, 2015)
Source: G&A Institute, Inc. – Intel Named to Trust Across America’s “America’s Most Trustworthy Public Companies” 2015 list — and receives first time “Hank Boerner Accountability Award,” named for the chairman of Governance & Accountability Institute.