3BL Media and G&A Institute Join Forces To Improve Distribution and Benchmarking of Sustainability Reports

Posted on January 22, 2016 by Louis Coppola

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3BL_4C_blue_NEW[1]We have exciting news for you this week about an important collaboration, just announced by G&A Institute and 3BL Media.  We’re joining forces to help organizations communicate their release of their CSR / Sustainability Report through the largest distribution network focused on CSR and Sustainability news – and to help organizations strategically plan for the future by benchmarking their reporting versus their peers.  Together these offerings can help organizations to be recognized for the accomplishments of their “Sustainability Journey” and to help steer the ship and set the sails in the right direction towards the next report.
3BL Media provides a portfolio of communications and outreach services to a growing roster of corporate and institutional clients.  The company has grown organically and is bolstering its resources by acquiring a number of well-known and established sustainability responsibility players such as CSR Wire, JustMeans, SocialEarth, Ethical Performance, and Report Alert. Corporate clients uses the 3BL platforms to communicate with a wide universe of stakeholders.
The G&A team has been working with 3BL colleagues in a variety of ways over the years, and has just arranged with 3BL to provide a benchmarking resource designed to help management better understand their own competitive positioning on sustainability reporting vs. their industry and/or investment peer companies.  Through this partnership G&A Institute is offering their Basic GRI G4 Competitive Benchmark Report at a discounted rate of $950 when packaged with 3BL’s ReportAlert (Standalone priced at $1500).
3BL Media’s ReportAlert Stakeholder Communications Service allows publishers of sustainability reports to reach the largest and most comprehensive group of important stakeholders around the globe.  The service enables the corporation to cut through the clutter of the increasing number of reports being published.  And, to get important data and narrative in front of “the right people” who might otherwise miss the published report.  This is the ReportAlert Service.
Clients using the ReportAlert service now have the opportunity to also have G&A Institute provide a snapshot report to benchmark their select peers at this discounted price.  This report will be of instant value to the client, presenting highlights of their own company plus three peers, to better understand the competitive environment into which their report is being released, and plan for the future. (What are the peer companies reporting on? How solid is their report – ahead of, behind the client company?  What issues / aspects / indicators are peers finding material?  What are their strengths / weaknesses in disclosure?  Where are opportunities for leadership in the sector?  And more.)
3BL Media’s ReportAlert provides clients with a powerful communications platform exclusively for the distribution of corporate social responsibility and sustainability news and content. This content appears on literally hundreds of thousands of Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters platforms and on thousands of third party media distribution platforms.
To inquire about these new opportunities to improve your sustainability program please contact Louis Coppola at lcoppola@ga-institute.com or 646.430.8230 xt 14.
3BL Media and Governance & Accountability Institute Announce Partnership to Improve Distribution and Benchmarking of Corporate Sustainability Reports 
(Thursday – January 14, 2016)
Source: Governance & Accountability Institute – NEW YORK – 3BL Media and Governance & Accountability Institute (G&A Institute) announced today a data analysis and distribution partnership to increase awareness of corporate sustainability reporting, and to better enable companies to benchmark their sustainability reporting versus their industry…